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Send Anonymous/Fake Email from any ID

Posted by Goutam Mandal on October 29, 2009

Note: This technique is discussed here for educational purposes only. Any use of this process for illegal purposes is highly discouraged.

DISCLAIMER : Under no circumstances, the author of this post can be held liable for any direct or indirect damage caused to any individual or organization due to this article.

Did you ever want to send an email from your friend’s Email ID? But could not just because you didn’t have the password to his mail account. Had it been your wish to get a mail from a celebrity so that you could show off to your friend’s?

Then here at GeeksCafe you can learn to send email to anyone on this planet using a name and email id of your choice, no matter whether you are the owner of the email id or not!

If you are too lazy to go for programming, simply head to PHPmail created by me to send anonymous mails to your friends. It is protected by password. Leave a comment if you want to use this site and the password will reach your inbox within 24 hours.

Before you start reading this post, lemme tell you that I wrote this article in a hurry at night so there can be many typos and grammatical errors. Its quite possible that some of the steps may have not been explained properly. If you have any doubt at any step, you can contact me.

In earlier days, when the world was not affected much by spams, the email servers used accept mails from any IP regardless it is listed in their database or not. So we could simply set up a SMTP server on our system using some kind of software like QK SMTP Server and start sending mails directly from our PC regardless we have a acceptable static IP or not. But now a days if you try this process, your mail will land up in the Junk Mail of the recepient or the recepient’s server may totally refuse to accept it.

So or this we need to send the mail using an IP which will be acceptable by the recepient’s mail server. The best way for this is to send the mail from some website using PHP. PHP provides a very useful function mail() with the help of which we can send mails directly from a forum, blog or any website (even by mentioning our own headers!). So out here we wil be using PHP to send mails from any id and the stepwise description s given below.

At the outset, lemme tell you that I just a beginner in programming in HTML and PHP, so if you can find any ways of optimising the codes, please let me know.

Step 1:
Let us make a form in HTML so that we can compose the email to be sent. Let this name this file as phpmail.html. For the form you can use the code written below. Here we have taken five fields, viz. to email, from name, from email id, subject and message. The values of the entered fields are posted to a PHP file by the name of sendmail.php.

<title>PHP mail</title>
<h2 align="center">PHP Mail - Scripted by Goutam</h2><br>
<form action="sendmail.php" method="POST">
	<b>To Email ID</b><br>
		<input type="text" name="toemail" size="30"><br>
	<br><b>From Name (can be anything of your choice)</b><br>
		<input type="text" name="fromname" size="30"><br>
	<br><b>From Email ID (this can also be anything of your choice)</b><br>
		<input type="text" name="fromid" size="30"><br>
		<input type="text" name="subject" size="30"><br>
		<textarea rows="4" name="message" cols="40"></textarea><br>
	<br><input type="submit" value="Send" name="Send">
	<input type="reset" value="Reset" name="B2">

Step 2:

We will now create the php file by the name of sendmail.php. This code accepts the string values of the data entered in the form that we created just sometime back. It uses the function mail() which has the following prototype :


The arguments passed to the function mail() are quite self-explanatory except the argument ‘headers’ which is meant to include additional details for the mail, like From, Cc, Bcc etc. In our PHP code we will only be including “From : ” in the header so that we can send a spoofed mail. For the PHP script, you can use the following code. Simply copy and paste it in Notepad and save it by the name of sendmail.php.

$toemail = $_POST['toemail'];
$fromname = $_POST['fromname'];
$fromid = $_POST['fromid'];
$subject = $_POST['subject'];
$message = $_POST['message'];
$headers = "From: $fromname <$fromid>";
echo "Mail Sent!";

Step 3:
Next we need to find a site which provides free webhosting along with PHP. One major thing to note here is that there are many free web hosts who support PHP but keeps the mail() disabled. One such host is So after some googling I found which supports PHP along with the mail(). It also has a really smple registraton process that do not even send confirmation mail. You can setup the account in just 2 minutes and get going. But a drawback with this site is that it appears to be down for a minute or so atleast once or twice in a day. So if anyone happens to find some better web host, please let me know.
Step 4:
Now the final step is to simply login to your FTP account and upload the two files that we have created earlier. For convenience it is better to rename the html file to index.html because most of the web hosts set the index.* page as the homepage.
For your convenience you can download the code by clicking here.
After uploading the files simply fire up your favourite browser and type in the URL of the site that we have created. Now you are all set to send emails from your own site without the need of depending on Email providers like Gmail. Yahoo etc (no hard feelings on them though).
As an example you can visit the mailer that I have created. I have named it PHPmail. For security reasons, it is protected by a password. If you want ot use it then drop  a comment out here and I will mail the password to you within 24 hours.

64 Responses to “Send Anonymous/Fake Email from any ID”

  1. phoxis said

    This is a good one, and this works.

  2. abhishek said

    friend thanks for your this contribution its great and i need the password

  3. abhishek said

    thanks brother …i want the password of this site

  4. abhishek said

    unable to upload sendmail.php band how to protect this site by password please mail the codes

    • Goutam Mandal said

      Thanks for showing interest in this post. Instead of using PHPmail I would suggest you to create your own site for sending mails coz that’s going to give you a real feeling of hacking. Anyways please tell me in detail about the error that you got while uploading sendmail.php so that the problem can be sorted out. Also mention the where you are hosting your site. Just keep in mind not all hosting companies have mail() activated.

      • abhishek said

        yeah i uploaded that web page successfully on the freewebhostingarea thanks for the code but all the mails i tried to send cant be successfully sent.only two mails out 6 to 8 mails were sent ..alll other dont know where went..please tell me about password securing this site .

    • @Abhishek : If you were able to send a mail at least once then it is for sure that all the setup is fine. It may only be a temporary problem on the server side due to which some of your mails did not get delivered. You should always keep in mind that you are using a free host and there are always going to be some limitations. There have been many instances when my PHPmail did not function properly. If you are facing too much troubles with freevar, you may switch to 000webhost or x10hosting.

      Anyways as for your query to password protecting your site add the following lines to phpmail.html just after the message field

      <input type="password" name="pwd" size="24"><br>

      and put the entire contents of the sendmail.php from under the if condition like:

         if ($_POST["pwd"] == "yourpassword")
            $toemail = $_POST['toemail'];
            $fromname = $_POST['fromname'];
            $fromid = $_POST['fromid'];
            $subject = $_POST['subject'];
            $message = $_POST['message'];
            $headers = "From: $fromname <$fromid>";
            echo "Mail Sent!";
         else { echo "Wrong password!"; exit(); }
  5. abhishek said

    thaks for your help ..i wish i could gain knowledge from you

  6. hope said

    Thanks man for your help 🙂

  7. Anuj Upadhyay said

    Bro Please send me the password

  8. Sumit said

    You are the besttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.

    Thanks for all the info and even helped in looking for the webhost. Kooooool man.

    today I installed it and it works beautifully. I am indebted to you man.

    What I have done I have added a login screen to protect my main mailer.

    bye thanks

  9. Sumit said

    @Anuj Upadhyay – instead of asking for the pass why dont you make yourself one.

    this is my link :

    its protected with flash (swf) password protection.

    • Goutam Mandal said

      I saw your xtrememailer… The design is quite impressive… But I think it would be better if you could avoid the use of flash for login…. Because such things may lead to incompatibilty with browsers (especially in mobile platform)… I wasn’t able to open it in my mobile 😦 Is it open for regd. to anybody or are you going to use it for personal use only???

  10. Sumit said

    by the way boss, is there any way to add captcha or recaptcha or human verification to the form to prevent bots?

    • Goutam Mandal said

      Yes it is quite easy to add captcha validation with PHP. Just use the image handling and manipulating ability of PHP. Ok I will try to update the article with captcha and field validation check within a few days. But you need ont wait for me. Just google it. You will get many free scripts to implement captcha.

  11. Sumit said

    just wanted to ask you one more stuff

    that is there any way to add “Reply to : email” so that

    the recipient when he clicks reply the email address

    comes to the reply to email instead of the fake address.

    This option is available in some of the net spoofers.

    By the way I am en route to implementing re-captch in the form.

    • Just concate this to the header and when the recepient clicks on “Reply” the mail is sent to the pre-defined id and not to the fake one

      \nReply-To: $youremailid;

      Just let me know if it works according to your expectation 🙂

  12. Sumit said

    Thanks for your comments on the website.
    I plan to open it for public very soon.
    i didnt realize that people can open
    these sites from mobile since cross
    platform compatibility is often a issue.

    The reason I used flash is mostly because
    I targeted windows users.I was not
    aware that you cant see swf in mobile

  13. Sumit said

    I am not much acquainted with php
    can u tell me where to place it exactly
    I am fine with html,java,javascript,dhtml etc

    • Just add the following lines before mail() is executed:

      $headers.= $replyto; //Notice the dot (.) before '='

      • Sumit said

        Thanks boss, now it is clear.
        I have upgraded my hosting to a paid account in
        free web hosting arena and also in
        both of them allows unlimited emails.

  14. Sumit said

    Hi how are you people
    check my website

  15. hope said

    hey buddies..i have some questions i could send html format links to get the message straight into hotmail inbox or at least changing the header

  16. hope said

    ok ,when i send email from this script to an hotmail email address it’s show -Apache sender- not the fake address which was formerly selected by me…also all my emails arrive to junk folder ,
    ps: i would include “html masked links” on my sent messages

    thanks Goutam

  17. Goutam Mandal said

    I am not sure why is it showing Apache Sender. But the mails are going to spam folder may be because hotmail does not recognise the server/ip address from which the script is executed and considers it a spam. You can try using for sending masked urls. But I am not pretty sure of this. Just try it and lemme know.

  18. arvind said

    hey…cool utility…need the password


  19. Kamrul said

    Thanks a lot Goutam! Its work 100% brother..thanks again..keep go ahead..:-D
    One it possible to add an attachment?

    • Goutam Mandal said

      yup.. its possible to add attachments… go to and try searching for mail() and go through the examples given under this function. You will come to know how to send attachments and also HTML formatted emails…

  20. Kamrul said

    Hi, thanks for reply. Could you please write here the adding attachment code..I want to add an attachment from my pc.. without any size limit. Can you please write the code here..also please tell that where I add this code..
    Thanks in advanced

  21. ROHAN said

    its nice and its work

  22. alizay said

    hey! can i please get the password?
    my email is:
    please mail it to me. thanks! 🙂

  23. Sonia Avery said

    can i please get the password?

    Your site is very good.

  24. Patrick said

    This service seems quite cool. I could definitely use it to get back at my sister. Can I please get the password? Thanks in advance.

  25. sandy said

    hey man .you done a great job.i m also searching such kind of procedure…..please send me the password

  26. KK Ram said

    Hi Goutam

    Fantastic site. But i dont know anything about PHP or the platform on which to build the code.

    Could you just give the starting ideas.

    In the meantime pls send me the password of your site.


  27. Guru said

    Hi Gautham…! ur idea is working superb….! thanks for the script…! I really appreciate ur work….!
    Well, i have query….Why don’t u come up with a script through which we cam send anonymous sms to mobile numbers..??
    If u do that..pls submit it on this page…or else pls send me a notification to my mail…..!

    Thanks in advance…!

  28. yatharth jain said

    plz send d password to me also!

  29. kush said

    Thanks for the direction on how to do this site. Please send me the password

  30. don said

    Thanks…. It sounds amazing. Can you please send the password

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    password please

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    passward plz

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    passward plz

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    passaword do php mail

  35. JackFlash said

    Great Idea i was looking a long time for …. Please send me the password


  36. R said

    Great Idea i was looking a long time for …. Please send me the password

  37. xesteak said

    hey…. is that work.

    If it will work then it will be the best.

  38. xesteak said

    plz send me the password. i want to try it.

    • Goutam Mandal said

      There are some issues with the webhost where I have hosted phpmail. So it isnt working right now. The source code is available and you can upload it to your site and start sending emails.

  39. please send me the password

  40. native3 said send me the password please

  41. bhumika chawla said

    i want the password.. thanx for ur knowledge.. plz get back to me at

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  46. VlcMad said


    […]Send Anonymous/Fake Email from any ID « GeeksCafe[…]…

  47. Rino said

    I am new about code in php, but what i interest is the function of sending email with any id without password.

    I hope you can send me the password for learning purpose

  48. Brent said

    can i have the password please

  49. subhajit said

    give me the password sir.i want to use your mail.

  50. raksha rajawat said

    boss. its working but after sending the msg ,why is it not being recieved but it is showing that ” mail sent”.

  51. Greetings! I know this is kinda off topic but I
    was wondering which blog platform are you using
    for this site? I’m getting fed up of WordPress because I’ve had problems with hackers and I’m looking at options for another platform. I would be awesome if you could point me in the direction of a good platform.

  52. ashish said

    Sir i have account on
    But i can’t able to upload these files ..
    Ftp log in nahi ho raha, file manager open nahi ho raha or samajh bhi nahi aarah.
    My gmail id
    Help me

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