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C – Question Bank for Interviews as well as Enthusiasts

Posted by Goutam Mandal on April 14, 2011

A very good site with compilation of some of the best and most interesting questions from C – programming language.

Reviews to be added later.

Credit for finding the Blog goes to Mr Manish Pujari (STC Club, SIT, Bhubaneswar)


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To Do List After installing Ubuntu 10.10 aka Maverick Meerkat (via The Indexer)

Posted by Goutam Mandal on December 22, 2010

To Do List After installing Ubuntu 10.10 aka Maverick Meerkat Yep it's this time of the year again!!! with the fresh baby from Ubuntu, Maverick Meerkat, yep10.10. It didn't escape from its predecessors attributes : being better than the previous release, more changes to make the user experience better, etc…Some of the noticeable changes are a fast boot, a new font dubbed "Ubuntu Font Family" which is great actually, a richer UX addition on the music experience from the notification bar, more social by def … Read More

via The Indexer

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Sequential Programs in C

Posted by Goutam Mandal on November 15, 2010

This is a list of some simple programs written in C after “Hello World”. It consists of programs like reversing a number, swapping variables, adding the sum of digits of a number, displaying the ASCII code of a character, Temperature Conversion etc. These can serve as first steps for a student new to C/programming. Any kind of doubt / query is most welcomed.

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Checking BSNL Broadband Usage (via SMS and Web)

Posted by Goutam Mandal on August 3, 2010

Many of us have broadband plans with limited free usage per month which makes it mandatory for us to check our usage regularly or else we may exceed our free usage limit and end up with huge bill at the end of the month. Earlier usage could be checked at and But now BSNL has undergone some reforms and have changed the things the way it used to work earlier. Now your entire landline can be managed online.

So here are two methods for checking your Broadband Usage. But keep in mind that these are not real time data as it takes around 12-48 hours for BSNL servers to update your usage statistics.
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Stealth copy pen drive in the background

Posted by Goutam Mandal on January 4, 2010

It did so happen that few days back that one of my friends came to my house along with a nice video in his pen drive on how magic is done. We watched it together and it was awesome. But after it was over, I wanted to keep a copy of that video so that I could watch it later but he did not let me do so. Now it was really horrible that after watching a 2 hour long video on my computer he did not allow me to keep it. So I thought of doing something so that next time he comes, I could copy everything from his pen drive without giving him a hint of what I am doing.

Note : This process should not be adopted to steal sensitve and/or confidential data without the prior notice of its owner. Read disclaimer before proceeding.

The Plan:

So basically the whole thing should be done with a key stroke or with a combination of few keys and neither anything should be appearing on the screen nor any notification should be displayed. As for the copying part, it could be easily done with a batch file. But the main problem was how to run that file in the background as a process so that nothing comes up on the screen. This was accomplished by using a Visual Basic Script (VBS). However the whole thing could be done by using the vbs file only, but I always like those .bat files :).

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